About Cargo Service ...

You can query your cargo with 12 digit cargo number sent to you by sms or email.

Shipping fee is shown by the system on the payment screen.

- How to track your order delivered to the cargo?

The tracking number of your order delivered to the cargo is entered into the system in the evening of the day (19.00-23.00). The system automatically sends this tracking number and shipping charge information to your e-mail address. After this stage, the buyer must follow the cargo to receive the product. Delivery time is 1 day for 0-600km distances and 2 days for 600km distances. Because some addresses are mobile, they vary according to the delivery days of the branch. Some villages and district centers may not be able to deliver to remote addresses. Please make sure that delivery to your address is possible before ordering. Otherwise, you have to take delivery of cargoes that are given to the cargo and which have an address problem in delivery. When the delivery process is not carried out due to the address problem given to the cargo, the shipping charge and the loss of the products on hold are deducted from the amount to be returned.

Follow the delivery so that the products can reach you in a healthy way. Please inform us about any problem or delayed delivery from Turkish Postal Service (https://www.ptt.gov.tr/Sayfalar/EN/Post.aspx).

-Cargo information

Your orders are sent from Monday to Friday.

Please do not write a VILLAGE and Island ADDRESS in the address information section, as your orders may be delivery to the village addresses by cargo.

www.shop.necelektronik.com is not responsible for the problems arising from the delivery of the products with the address of the village and the island. Product returns are not accepted and no refund will be given.

Orders received at the weekend will be delivered on the first business day.

Your orders are packaged in an ideal and optimal way to prevent damage during cargo transportation.

If you find any damage after receiving your cargo, please contact Nec Elektroni representative. (E-Mail: info@necelektronik.com)

- Receiving the Order

When receiving your order, check the products for damage. Record any damaged product, if any. Otherwise, we cannot claim any rights about the product damaged during transportation.

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